About the Society

The Adhesion Society of Japan is an academic society that focuses on the science and technology related to adhesion and bonding as a whole, as well as the "interface" where things come into contact with each other. It is an academic society that provides suggestions on the reliability, durability, and functionality of adhesion from various scientific perspectives, and proposes new adhesion technologies and engineering. The society contributes to industries by supporting the expansion of the field of application of "adhesion" from the standpoint of science. Article 4 of Chapter 1 of the Constitution of the Society states, "The purpose of the Society is to contribute to the advancement of science and technology related to adhesion, adhesives, and pressure sensitive adhesives. A wide range of basic sciences such as chemistry (organic, physical, inorganic, etc.), physics, mechanics, polymer science, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, and biology support adhesive technology. The scope also has a wide range of application fields and industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction and civil engineering, electrical and electronic, and medical. The fact that more than 70% of the society's members are from companies is also a distinguishing feature of the society. With "adhesion, interface, and composites" as its keyword, this is a society where anyone specializing in various applied technologies and academic fields can gather and enjoy discussions. Let's contribute to society and lead the "age of adhesion" together through the development of adhesion science and technology.